Q & A

Do I need to have some experience about teaching English

 That would be good but not mandatory.

Would that be a problem if I cannot speak Mandarin at all ?

No. Normally The host family will have at least one person who can communicate with you in basic English. and if they feel their english is not enough they would have IFLYTEK translator machine .

Could you tell me more about the Chinese host family?

Sure. They are  middle or higher-class Chinese families, and they will provide you a comfortable living environment. Normally they have house keeper or part- time nanny at home .They hope their kids could learn English and good habits from you. They also expect their Au Pair to be a big brother/sister to their children, providing love and care as well as educational assistance

Why cannot I also find the host family online/on the forums?

Many great host families only entrust the professional and trustworthy au pair agency to invite au pairs due to language and cultural differences.They place their trust in reputable agencies to handle all procedures, including arranging Mandarin courses for au pairs and facilitating visa processes. Additionally, Chinese families seek exceptional agencies to provide au pairs with comprehensive training, enabling a better adaptation to Chinese family life. This approach reflects the desire of Chinese families to minimize potential friction and conflicts during the interaction with au pairs, emphasizing the importance of a holistic and well-managed experience.

Why should I choose your agency ?

Our agency has been in the au pair placement industry for the decade, specialized in cultural exchange with China ,and we have extensive experience in matching European au pairs with Chinese host families. We have a thorough understanding of the requirements, expectations, and challenges involved in the process, allowing us to provide both host families and au pairs with the seamless experience.

Our agency conducts a rigorous screening process for host families, including background checks ,thorough interviews and family visits. We strive to match au pairs with families who are understanding, supportive, and committed to providing a nurturing environment. Your safety and happiness are of utmost importance to us.

We have service personnel in numerous major cities across China and we own our Chinese brand –Rising Star, ensuring comprehensive support for participants throughout their stay. 
 We provide participants with highly practical and comprehensive training. This includes online training before arriving in China and offline training (three days) upon arrival. This ensures that participants are well-prepared for their experiences and have the necessary skills for a successful exchange.

Within the first hour of applying to become an au pair, you will immediately experience our exceptional level of professionalism and dedication to providing top-notch service.

Can I still have my Kindergeld ?

Normally you will have Mandarin class in college or language school. so, they can give you stamp on your Kindergeld form. Also , we will be very happy if we could help you

Do you have host families located in Beijing or North of China?

Yes , of course. Our host families mainly located in Beijing , Shanghai , Taiyuan, Chongqing…

Do you have host families located in small cities?

Yes we do. Just let us know your preferences

How to have the interviews with you or the host family ?

Normally we have video calls via skype

How do I know if I should join this family ?

Believe me , after reading their detailed form and having video call with them , you will know it from your heart.  

When do au pars receive pocket money from host family each month?
Au pairs will receive their first installment of pocket money after the completion of their first month with the family. After you have completed your first month, your pocket money will typically be given to you at the start of each month.

If I just want to apply for 6 month will you offer a flight ticket?

Yes , we will buy you flight ticket back home after your completion of the program.

If I just want to apply for 2-3 month will you offer a flight ticket?

No . but we will offer the flight allowance 200€-300€ after your completion

What is Completion&Excellence Bonus

Any participant who completes their assigned program within the agreed-upon timeframe, as outlined in the agreement, is eligible for this bonus.

3-month: 200- 360€ 


12-month: 1000-1500€

Will I and the host family sign agreement?

Yes , of course . Work hours, pocket money, etc. will be clearly stated in the agreement.

What expenses/costs do au pairs have before they arrive in China?
* Visa fee (dependent on country of origin) and will be fully reimbursed once you complete the program
* Fee for having your doctor complete a physical form (fee dependent on your doctor)
* Fee for obtaining a background check or criminal record check (fee dependent on your country/state of residence)

What else should I know ?
In our commitment to transparency and responsibility for each applicant, we are candidly sharing crucial insights often left unspoken by other organizations. If you are considering becoming an Au Pair in China, here are key considerations for your mental preparation:

* In Chinese households, mothers typically spend more time at home than fathers, making female exchange students more warmly received.

*Chinese parents value proactive engagement between au pairs and their children. Initiating conversations, even if the children aren’t eager to respond, is essential. If you find it challenging to speak to children, this might pose a difficulty for you.

* Considering cultural differences, individuals with extensive tattoos, smoking habits, excessive alcohol consumption, or highly unconventional hair colors may face challenges being perceived as suitable au pair candidates by the majority of Chinese families.

* Most Chinese families impose curfew times for au pairs, aiming to ensure their safety to the best extent possible.

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