Why Star Exchange

Are you looking for an unforgettable gap year /semester abroad? Look no further than Star Exchange! Since 2012, Star Exchange has been providing high-quality exchange programs from our founding country of Germany, opening doors to the world and bringing people together through shared experiences. Our mission is to promote cultural exchange and understanding, leading to a more peaceful and prosperous world. 

With over 11 years of experience, more than 500,00 young adults from 100+ countries have participated in our educational and cultural programs. At Star Exchange, we pride ourselves on offering a unique experience that allows participants to feel like a family member rather than just a program participant. By directly experiencing each other’s customs, languages, and values, we believe our programs promote friendship, trust, acceptance, and genuine affection.At Star Exchange, we are committed to providing affordable opportunities to all young people. That’s why we charge no fees for applicants. Join us and embark on a life-changing adventure that will broaden your horizons and create memories to last a lifetime

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Why Star Exchange Host Family

At Star Exchange, we understand the importance of finding the right host family for a successful and enjoyable experience. Our carefully selected families not only provide a safe and welcoming environment but also offer participants the chance to fully immerse themselves in a new culture and way of life. We take the safety and security of our participants seriously and all of our host families undergo a rigorous screening process, including family visits, host-family evaluations, criminal background checks, and character reference checks.

Star Exchange host families :

Mainly live in Beijing, Shanghai or other big cities

Highly educated, eager to share their cultural heritage

Welcome the au pair as an esteemed member of their family

Include the au pair in various family activities, meals, outings.

Provide a comfortable, private room exclusively for the au pair.

Ensure regular meals/food are provided for the au pair.

Have at least one family member who can communicate in English.

Offer a monthly pocket money at least 1500 RMB to the au pair.

Cover the expenses for the au pair’s Mandarin classes.

Bear the costs of the au pair’s visa application and renewal fees.

Provide financial assistance for the au pair’s flights of the program.

Arrange and cover the costs of insurance for the au pair.

Facilitate and cover the expenses of an orientation for the au pair upon their arrival in China.

Ensure that the au pair does not exceed 25 working hours per week

Mandate a minimum of 1.5 days off per week for the au pair and provide additional paid holidays based on the length of their stay (e.g., 7 days for a 6-month stay).

Guarantee that the au pair will not be assigned heavy housework or tasks unrelated to the host family’s children

How to match with a host family?

Just like our au pairs, all of our host families have detailed application forms, letters, and photos. Generally, we recommend matches based on the requirements and expectations of both the host family and the au pair regarding each other. Once both parties have seen each other’s application forms, letters, and photos, we arrange video interviews where all the details are discussed and clarified. Within 48 hours after the video interview, both parties decide whether the match is successful. A match is not considered complete unless both the au pair and host family agree to choose each other.

How the program work

★Apply online

★SE will arrange an interview with you shortly after you have completed our initial application form

★Upon acceptance following the procedure, you will be provided with a set of program application materials by SE. Complete the application materials

★ SE will provide you with potential Host Family Profiles, one family at a time

★The host family will have an interview with you by assistance of SE

★You will have 48 hours to confirm if you would like to work with a potential family who have decided to choose you as their Au Pair

★Once a match is made,  agreements will be signed

★You apply the visa with the assistance of SE

★SE will provide you pre-departure orientation and arrival orientation

★We aren’t shy about saying we also have the best network of caring Local Coordinators. They are committed to helping you have a successful experience. They will pick up you with your host family, speak with you and your host family on a monthly basis,organize cultural activities ,answer your questions and provide support when you need it